Machine safety

REIJNGOUD engineering is an experienced and reliable partner for machine safety assessments in the pharmaceutical, process, manufacturing, and packaging industries. As specialists in machine safety, we contribute to creating a safe working environment for your employees and ensuring compliance with legal safety standards.

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The responsibilities of employers in the pharmaceutical and process industries

In the pharmaceutical and process industries, where production and packaging are crucial, it is essential to comply with strict safety standards, including the Machinery Directive and CE marking. As an employer, you have the responsibility to protect your employees from potential hazards in the workplace.

REIJNGOUD engineering provides professional assessments to assist you in identifying and eliminating risks, ensuring that your machines comply with legal safety standards, including the requirements of the Machinery Directive.

Prevent fines and legal proceedings with our machine safety assessments

Our team of experienced professionals conduct thorough inspections of your machines and identifies any risks. By eliminating these risks, you not only ensure the safety of your employees but also prevent high fines and legal proceedings that may arise if you fail to meet the legal standards.

Let REIJNGOUD engineering assist you in keeping your business safe and compliant with legal requirements and standards. We provide guidance on risk identification and can help you address any issues if needed.

This ensures that your machines are safe, and your employees can work in a protected environment.

We guarantee quality with our expertise and deliver results through our commitment

At REIJNGOUD engineering, we will always go the extra mile compared to many other companies in our industry. We provide professional tailored advice and support, always ready to collaborate with our customers to find the right solution for their challenges.

And… on request, we can also practice some magic!